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What are the characteristics of Quyang Taishan Stone?

     Taishan Stone is produced in the stream valley around Taishan Mountains. Its texture is hard, its tone is steady, dignified and thick. It appears mostly in the infiltrating and semi-infiltrating texture picture. It is famous for its beautiful and changeable texture. Taishan Stone is famous at home and abroad for its simple, vigorous and dignified style. In addition, folk Taishan Stone can avoid evil spirits and evil spirits. Legends such as towns and houses began to travel far away.

The basic characteristics of Taishan Qishi are as follows: the Qishi is a natural form, varying in size, without any trace of sculpture; the block is subprismatic, rounded, without sharp edges and corners; the pattern it displays, or image, image and pattern are the main ones. That is to say, on the background of gray-white, grey-black, grey-green, shallow river, black and other rocks, there are various patterns, such as patterns and images, which are dominated by white tones. These patterns resemble mountains and rivers, ancient trees and dead branches, birds and animals, Chinese and foreign figures with various gestures, and vigorous lines and grass scripts. All kinds of shapes, lifelike, and the color contrast between the pattern and the stone foundation is obvious.

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