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What aspects should I pay attention to when buying small stones?

Many friends do not know about the stones in Taishan, but do not know how to choose Taishan stones. Now let's talk about what kind of stone to choose from many aspects. Answer questions for friends.

If you're looking for a large stone, a few meters or a dozen meters, try to get rid of that idea. Because the area does not produce such a large stone, nor does it allow mining, the large stones sold for several meters now are shipped back from the area of the Xiang county of the province and sold in the name of local stones. If you want a bigger one, you can buy it directly, and buy it cheaper there.

If you want a small one, use it by your unit or family. The following aspects need attention.

1. The shape of stone. Choose a dignified form, which seems to give people a more stable and smooth impression.

2. Stone texture. Some because of the natural weathering all the year round, the texture is relatively loose, this is not very good, the texture is good.

3. Texture of stone surface. Some of them have peculiar texture, such as characters, animals, words, landscapes, and so on. However, we should note that some of the stones are rich in texture and are very similar to those in the stone. Many friends identify it very difficult.

4. Price. Price is not a very important factor, but it is also one of the factors to be considered. For the Taishan stone used for home feng shui, without considering the texture factor, the price is particularly cheap. We must pay special attention to it. Nine times out of ten, Hebei is a stone pretending. Those stone dealers pulled Hebei stone to be pulled by ton, and the purchase price was low beyond imagination, so the selling price was very low.


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