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What are the classification and characteristics of snow wave stones?

Snow-wave stones have water-invaded stones and mountain stones, commonly known as water-invaded stones and mountain stones. Water stone is immersed in water all the year round. Its surface is smooth and denser than that of mountain stone. It is not qualitatively different from that of mountain stone. Both of them have black and grey background color and white, gray-yellow and reddish vein. Therefore, the classification of snowflakes is based on the external texture. Usually people divide it into more than 80 kinds, which can be summarized into three categories:

1, the flying waterfall stone: the waterfall stone is roughly marked by the vertical bar and oblique stripe texture. It has the momentum of "flying down three thousand feet". Far mountains and near waters, waterfalls and flowing clouds, magnificent momentum jumped on the rocks, making people shocked.

2. Yunshuishi: The texture of Yunshuishi is characterized by the uncertainties of water and clouds, such as spray, or clouds, light waves, wind and cloud rolling. From a long view, clouds and water blend, vague as fairyland; from a close view, clouds and water depend on each other, fresh as empty hills after rain. Clouds and waters complement each other and reflect each other. They can broaden one's horizons, broaden one's mind, or shake one's soul. It seems that one hears the voice of heaven and earth. Among them, flowers, birds, fish and insects, pavilions and terraces, as well as fishing boat woodcutters, will be even more rare.

3, Long Yunshi: Dragon Stone refers to the stone surface except for the above characteristics, there are also more or more striped white veins prominent, flying or dancing dragon entrenched. In ancient China, the dragon was the totem. Therefore, the Dragon Rock not only has the magnificent meteorology of waterfall stone and cloud water stone, but also shows an internal national culture, highlighting the great spirit of the Chinese nation and the spirit of indomitable spirit.

To sum up, the emperor of Jiaqing described the characteristics of Xuelangshi as follows: "Two beautiful rooms contain strange stones. The waves are blue and the snow is white. The body is chaste and moist.


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