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Detailed introduction of Taishan stone section combination.

1. Steady as Mount Tai: The palace of the ancient emperor, the Great Hall of the People in modern times, and the building of the world's top 500 conglomerates used the rocks of Mount Tai as the footstone below before the construction began, implying steadiness as Mount Tai. Nowadays, when many rich people are building villas, when people build new houses, they all use Taishan Stone, which conforms to the meaning of Eight Diagrams, Yang and Yin, and the heaven and earth of the town.

2. Regulating positive energy of air field: eliminating miscellaneous ideas, eliminating interference, putting a piece of positive energy of regulating indoor air field, making people concentrate and upward, which has a certain hint effect on study or work.

3. With "stone" good luck, "stone" comes and goes: for officials, businessmen and professionals, a Taishan stone is placed on the desk and behind the chair, with the intention of supporting the stone. Especially the seats behind the windows, doors, windows and doors for "empty", empty is taboo, more need to be placed, help to enhance career, official and official career stability.

4. Blocking and pressing bad luck: roads, rivers, ditches, sharp corners of opposite buildings, and poles of electric wires against the door of the house are all brakes; there are hospitals near the house, slaughterhouses, churches, temples, graves, garbage dumps and viaducts, which are not suitable for human habitation in terms of geomancy and water.

5. Avoiding evil and filling the corner of the house: Many families encounter unlucky things, geomancers usually recommend using Taishan stone town house to avoid evil. For the lack of corner of the house, put Mount Tai Dangshi in the corner to fill in (the homophonic tone of stone added).

6. Entry and exit safety: Many people with cars put it in the car to make a good fortune.

7. Beautify the environment: Now people's home life, working environment is usually artificial reinforced concrete, in such an occasion for a long time, there will be a strong sense of depression, put natural Taishan original stone has a unique style of interest, but also a kind of adjustment.

In the folk, there is also a request for a Taishan stone, which is tantamount to the saying that Taishan is beside us. This fully reflects people's expectations and aspirations for a better vision.


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