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Taishan Stone plays an important role in Fengshui Shake.

         Taishan Stone has always had the special meaning of good luck, wealth, longevity and deterrence of evil. It is one of the most spiritual stones in China. Naturally, Taishan Stone is also of great significance in geomancy, and its placement is also exquisite. The right location can increase its spirituality, while the wrong one will be reduced. So what's the emphasis on the placement of Taishan Stone? There's a custom of suppressing disaster in ancient China that has been spreading till now. It is said that "Taishan Stone dares to be" has the praise of "Shi dare to be, suppress all ghosts, suppress disaster martyrs, official's happiness, people's health, prosperous morality and education, ritual and music Zhang". Therefore, "Taishan Stone dares to be" is respected as "town". Home Treasure. Taishan Stone is the easiest and most hard-working family god. He does not need to offer incense to his family like other gods, but he will always solve the unfavorable factors for his family. He can be placed in different places according to different needs. If used to settle down in town, Taishan Stone can be placed in the living room, study or bedroom, preferably the living room. As the name implies, Taishan Stone is the spiritual stone produced in the stream valley around the Taishan Mountains. "Daiyue is famous for its five continents, and the thousand-year-old God said it would catch the great wilderness. There are countless wonderful stones in China. Only Taishan Stone dares to do so." The mysterious and rugged Taishan Stone is one of the oldest rocks with a history of 2.5 billion years. Its texture is hard and irregular, but its texture is clear, the picture is prominent, the contrast tone is strong, the tone is calm, dignified and thick. It is never beautiful and beautiful. Its style is simple, vigorous and dignified. The rocks of Taishan Stone are plagioclase gneiss, biotite hornblende plagioclase gneiss, gneiss, granitic gneiss and fine-grained amphibolite. In Taishan Stone, "Literary Stone", "Digital Stone", "Person Stone", "Astronomical Geography", "Landscape", "Flowers, Birds, Fishes and Insects", "Twelve Zodiac" and so on, or convex or concave, or dynamic or static, dragon and snake flying, ever-changing, all-encompassing, directly restored the natural landscape. It is also said that it can avoid evil spirits, town houses and other magical functions. Next, we will focus on the role of Taishan Stone. First of all, Taishan Stone is the descendant of Taishan Mother. It is as beautiful as Taishan Mother. Its color is as simple as the elegance of Chinese ink painting. It has won the reputation of great appreciation. Taishan Stone has become a rare collection of fine art because of its unique texture form. Its shape is varied and its design is changeable. Every piece of Taishan Stone is unique and can not be reproduced. It is not only precious in stone culture because of its rich connotation, but also has high ornamental value.


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