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Landscape and villa courtyards are all made of Taishan stone slices.

    Taishan sliced stone landscape usually requests that the stone shape be intact, no natural or man-made damage, no fracture, the screen stone to reflect the picture space is wide and smooth. The more stringent the shape of the moulding stone is, the better it is. That is to say, the stranger the moulding stone is, the more valuable it is for preservation. Pictographs should be detailed and vivid.
There is a close relationship between "color" and "quality" of color-Taishan stone. Generally speaking, "good quality" naturally means "good color", but not necessarily. There are some black-and-white-grain stones whose texture is relatively lax, although the contrast is unusually clear and bright. The color of Taishan Stone is a single contrast. In addition to the two main tones of black and white (gray and white), there are also black and yellow and black and red. Dark yellow and light yellow lines are basically impregnated in water rich in other minerals, while red is mixed with other granites.
"Shape" is the unique natural shape of a stone. Detailed to the Taishan stone slice stone landscaping, that is, mature and respectful, can not be crooked, up big and down small. Lingbi Stone has a game called "hanging upside down stone", but Taishan Stone can not play "hanging upside down stone".
Rhyme. The meaning of "rhyme" is contrastive and mysterious. Taishan Stone Slice Stone Landscaping belongs to Picture Stone. It is the basic request for Picture Stone that pictures should be carefully planned and closely spaced. The pictures of Taishan Stone are just as suitable as those of ink and wash. If the pictographic degree is relatively high, it is necessary to draw according to the requirements of the appropriate painting. The outlines of all the shapes should conform to the reality, that is, to conform to the concrete norms of anthropomorphism or imitation. The higher the iconicity, the higher its value will naturally be. There is also the desirability of ink, this kind of picture will highlight a "rhyme" word, a "god" word. Like the horse painted by Xu Beihong, although it is desirable, it can be seen at a glance that it is a horse. However, this horse painting is a kind of refinement and sublimation of natural things, its intention is to "charm" word, and does not lie in the specific expression of a particular detail. The key point of the demand is that the understanding of rhyme can not go to the extreme. The so-called "going to the pole" is to connect some non-cow and non-horse things with the so-called artistic conception, which can not be a pole, but also a misleading one.
Some people can not see the picture of content without artificially explaining and repeating the points. They just connect it with the so-called artistic conception and the so-called godlike, which can not be endured by the masses in the end, and can not be called excellent products.
The real classics are shape, quality, color, pattern and rhyme, which can be combined to create scenery with Taishan stone slices. Excellent in one or two, exceptionally excellent, although it can also be regarded as a fine product, but it is not possible to enter the "god" and "excellent" list.

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