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How to use Mount Taishan Stone to ward off evil spirits?

The word "Tai" in Mount Tai is "Tai" in ancient times, which means "Da". Because of its majesty and loftiness, it is a sacred mountain for emperors of all dynasties to offer sacrifices to Buddhist monks. It has infinite prestige, so it has infinite power in avoiding evil and pressing on.

In modern geomancy, how should Taishan Stone be used to avoid evil?

In residential buildings, the orientations are: dry, Kan, Gun, earthquake, Su, Li, Kun and Dui. Each orientation represents different groups of people. If any orientation is deficient or dirty, the corresponding groups will be affected to varying degrees. When people buy houses, there are many special types of households that can not be changed by manual work, especially some shortcomings, which will have a negative impact on the family's health and well-being. Taishan stone is currently the most effective tool for the treatment of angle deficiency.

Function: The room corner is special for filling, and has the ability of curing the corner. It is the most effective tool for curing the corner deficiency at present. It is supplemented by the red cinnabar writing "Taishan Stone dares, which is specially handled by Kaiguang Taoist culture".


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