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The cultural and ornamental value of Taishan Stone.

Taishan Stone is not only precious in stone culture because of its rich connotation, but also has high ornamental value. Taishan stone is hard in texture, compact in structure, varied in shape and varied in pattern. It is stone by stone, stone by object, stone by day, stone by world. Appreciating Mount Taishan Stone can make people appreciate the charm of nature's creation and the artifice of ghosts and axes, and have the feeling of returning to nature. It can make people really realize the essence of "harmony between man and nature". Appreciating Mount Taishan Stone is the communication between soul and nature. It can make you forget the noise of the city, cultivate your sentiment and purify your soul. The essence of heaven and earth is knotted, and there is heaven and earth in the stone. It is quiet and dry, and it is simple to seek truth.


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