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What is a good Taishan stone?

Taishan Stone, the first standard is odd shape. Strange in shape, that is, ugly, leaky, transparent, thin, clumsy, clear, decadent, prominent features, innovative. Or extremely ugly anti-American, thin visible bones, or leaks to see Austria, clear and clear. Avoid being insipid and dull. The body shape of the object, all mountains, rivers, sun and moon, flowers, trees, birds and birds, figures and patterns, can be lifelike, can be abstract and freehand, are all good products, avoid being far fetched, and the famous stones do not match.

In addition, the body should be complete, each piece of beautiful stone skin, stone meat, stone holes, stone edges, stone lines, stone roots should be natural, not artificially carved. Necessary repairs are limited to removing impurities and showing their true colors.


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