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What are the functions of Taishan stone?

7 functions of Taishan stone
Taishan is a place where many gods have been trained to become immortal. Ancient emperors and leaders of all the countries of the world have come to worship Taishan. China traditional culture that: among the five mountains of Taishan Dongyue Wuyueduzun, has a reputation, it is located in the east of China, east of the main spring primary master Wang, and the sun rise where the stones of Taishan belongs to the Chunyang stone, and was regarded as the first official and folk geomantic Lingshi shigandang Taishan is widely used in the witness on both sides of the Changjiang River.
The role and significance of Taishan stone
1: the ancient imperial palace, as steady as Mount Tai, in the Great Hall of the people, the world's top 500 enterprise group building in the ground before the start, is Taishan as the cornerstone of the rock, meaning as steady as Mount Tai. Now many wealthy people in the construction of villas, the people built new houses are using Taishan stone approach, conform to gossip, Yang Yin, the town of heaven and earth, the intention.
2, adjust the gas field positive energy: remove distracting thoughts, discharge interference, put a piece of regulation indoor gas field positive energy, let people concentrate, upward, to study or work has certain hint function.
3, with the "stone" good luck, "stone" to run: official, business, job hard people, on the desk, seats, chairs, placed a piece of Taishan stone, there are rocks by the intention. Especially behind the seats by the window, leaning against the door, the door on the "empty" space is taboo, to put more, help to improve the business, transportation and smooth career.
4, block evil, pressure: ominous Road, river, ditch, across the corners of buildings, poles at the house door, for check; hospitals, public security, procuratorate, court, slaughterhouses, church and temple, tomb, landfill, the viaduct near the house, from geomantic perspective is not suitable for people live.
5, a great evil, fill the house corner: many families have encountered the unlucky things, Feng Shui is usually recommended by Taishan stone town house of evil. The house missing angle put Taishan on the missing corner stone tablets (homonym Stone Filled Tim).
6, access to safety: many car owners, put it in the car, a map of geely.
7, beautify the environment: now people's home life, the work environment is usually made of steel and concrete, at the time of such occasions long the heart will have a strong sense of oppression, put the natural stone in Taishan do not have a taste of style, is also a kind of regulation.
In the folk, there is also a request for a Taishan stone, which is equivalent to the saying that Taishan is around us. This fully reflects the people's expectations and aspirations of a better vision.
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