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The application of natural scenery stone in landscape design

Usually the most commonly used is sandstone, which is suitable for all kinds of changes and becomes a common ornament in the garden. It can be used to construct retaining walls, roads, platforms and so on.
The path to building the floor and decorating the garden
Limestone is a variety of garden decoration, a wide variety, but this stone may affect some plants.
Tips for creating a miniature rock garden
The so-called "rock garden" has become very popular and fashionable. If you also want to have a miniature rock garden, you can choose to create a miniature of the landscape in the corner of the garden. Use stones, stones, gravel, sandstone and gravel, and plant some hardy plants. Congratulations, you're done!
Stone retaining wall, the perfect country style garden
Another element of landscape design, create stones of different sizes in the retaining wall, can be in different areas of the garden, this area if you want to make people feel very relaxed, but some plants in the middle of the stone, to create a warm atmosphere.
Conclusion: all kinds of natural stones can be used in the garden design, such as path, corridor, stair and so on. It all depends on your style and budget. If you want beautiful, you can choose sandstone to create mosaic beauty. If you don't want to spend too much money. Paving the garden path with pebbles or crushed stones is equally fashionable.
Nine types of landscape stone are often used
1. Taihu stone (elephant green)
Origin: Beijing, Ji'nan, Suzhou, Guilin
Use: revetment, rockery Waterscape
2. Fangshan stone
Origin: Beijing
Use: waterscape revetment, rockery waterfall
3. stone
Appellation: Guangdong, Germany
Use: water and rockery, revetment should do rockery waterfall villa.
4. Lingbi stone
Origin: Anhui
Use: point view stone
5. Taishan stone
Origin: Shandong
Application: point view stone, sedate atmosphere
6. Huangshi
Origin: Changshu, Suzhou, Changzhou, Zhenjiang
Use: waterscape revetment, plant stone, rockery water should not be done.
7. river gravel
Origin: all over the place
Use: waterscape revetment, the bottom of the pool
8. Huang Lashi
Origin: Guangdong
Use: waterscape revetment, stone plant
9 thousand layer stone
Origin: Anhui
Use: waterscape revetment, rockery water
9. moire stone
Origin: Anhui
Use: waterscape revetment, stone plant


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