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How to choose high quality Taishan Stone?

Quality Taishan Stone is an important part of landscape construction. If the landscape stone is too vulgar, it will not only affect the stone itself. Ornamental, the garden's ornamental value will be greatly discounted! This requires the skillful appreciation of landscape stone discriminators! Of course, you should not feel very mysterious, in fact, the general landscape stones are appreciated through the following four steps! The quality, durability and surface of natural landscape stone are different. Before buying landscape stones, please listen to local experts. Refining opinions. Different landscape stones have different styles and examples, and different uses. Landscape stone with high water absorption can be used in landscape fountains and other achievements. Some landscape stones have a better ability to absorb heat than others. Strong, dark landscape stones absorb more light and heat. Choose the thickness of your stone according to the utilization degree of landscape stone. A 1.5 "thick, 2430" stone is suitable for walking. Not applicable to industrial transportation, automobiles, heavy rigid use. You can use the same thickness for heavier use, but you should. Cut smaller pieces so that they don't crack because of the weight they bear. Vehicles and trucks need to be strong fundamentals, at least 4 ". Thick reinforced concrete talent support. Choose practical and elegant landscape stone. Travel to local building materials wholesale shops or consult with knowledgeable architects or contractors. Refer to your friends, family members or neighbors'suggestions to find the necessary goods. Keep in mind that the choice of landscape stone should also pay attention to practicality and precise placement, because it is for. It is a university question to explore the superficial beauty and the choice of grades. In order to achieve satisfactory results of Jingshi, we must carefully speculate about the selected Taishan Stone.


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